These guys right here are who we owe our wonderful forum's peace and tranquillity too... and the odd bit of drama Snicker. A list of current staff members, along with other user group's can be found here.

Administrators Edit

The site was first opened in 2003 by the merger of Seb's and Rebon's previous sites. They sold the site in 2011 and Mr.Bishop was appointed head administrator. Other forum administrators include:

Community Manager Edit

The site has 'employed' a number of members of the forum as Community Managers who dealt with various public facing services and liaised with the general membership with a goal of improving the site.

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PSU staff Edit

  • adamdolge
  • Anto
  • Don Oliveira
  • Eran
  • Eric
  • hyp3rstrike
  • JPFortier
  • Malcolm
  • Matt
  • Mike_Harradence
  • StevenW