This guy's even cooler than fb. Once touted as the king of the internets, Cool Cat Mr Molly knows how to lay down the lols.

He instigated such awesomes as Troll RoC Day and ]other[.

Follows, a statement by Molly himself:

“Banned because what makes my bans kewl, The man in the Vatican says god inspires me, The Man in the Lab coat says sugar fuels me, The Stripper in the Nighclub says my personality, The gurl from pensiylvania say Ontz Ontz, The boy in Queens says being a longterm user of HDTV, The Manchild in my PC says winrar 2.0, The man with the shades says because i believe Dog>Cat, The man in India says being a part time Gaffer/Banner, His Kin says dat ***
I rejected the proposals and made my own, i am DangerousMali AND THE PHONE!!!1! ”
— The first words of the Bible of Molly

Current whereabouts are unknown.